Have you heard about music therapy but not quite sure what it is or how it would fit into your organization/program?  You wouldn’t buy a car or outfit without trying it on so why commit to a music therapy program without experiencing the benefits first!  PBMTI now offers one-time complimentary demonstrations/presentations to any program interested in learning more about music therapy.  Not only is music therapy an evidence-based profession proven to effectively address physical, emotional, social and cognitive goals, it is also a creative and unique modality that is sure to enhance the quality and appeal of any program.  We have already offered complimentary demonstrations at several medical settings/senior living facilities in Palm Beach County and would love to visit you and your residents/students/patients!  If you are interested in experiencing how music therapy can compliment your program, please contact Bree at bree@catpb.flywheelsites.com or (561) 747-9944 to schedule a one-time demonstration at no cost.  We look forward to sharing music with you!

(PBMTI therapist Bree with a resident at the Carlisle Palm Beach.  Photo used with permission by resident and facility.)