Educational Learning Enrichment using Music Therapy


Service Overview

CATPB’s educational program offers a lively, hands-on approach to learning and behavior modification for children in the school setting through the use of music therapy.  Educational music therapy sessions utilize music-based interventions to provide structure and create a positive learning environment where both musical and non-musical concepts can be explored.  Interventions include singing familiar songs together, playing various instruments, moving to rhythm and creating new songs.  Each session is customized based on the needs and ages of the children and is instructed by a board-certified music therapist.  PBMTI’s music therapy programs can benefit children with special needs; for example, cognitive, physical, behavioral and emotional.

In addition to music therapy services, CATPB also offers a “Step into Music” music enrichment program.  This program addresses the academic and social goals of  neuro-typical preschool and elementary age children.  Academic concepts incorporated into the “Step in Music” curriculum include colors, numbers, shapes and letters, counting, rhyming, syllables, and patterns. The “Step into Music” instructors also incorporate behavioral and social concepts such as team work, sharing, following directions and problem-solving skills in a success-oriented setting.

Educational Music Therapy Goals

To increase academic skills To facilitate positive listening skills
To improve communication skills To encourage creativity
To increase positive social interaction To increase self-esteem
To increase on-task behavior To improve impulse control
To increase fine & gross motor development To increase emotional expression
To enhance language development