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Are you frustrated with the job search process?

The online portals, confusing technology and waiting for a response can be discouraging and disheartening. Let CATPB help you bring connection and compassion back to the employment search. After all, isn’t connection and compassion why we got into this field to begin with? 

With our new staffing solutions program, CATPB connects serious job applicants with employers that pair best with your strengths and values. Concerned about communicating job expectations to someone outside of the creative art therapies community? No worries! CATPB will act as a consultant and liaison between applicant and employer until time of hire. Lets strengthen the field of creative arts therapies together by building strong positions that thrive and grow.

Sign up below with your contact information, resume and references. A CATPB representative will contact you soon for brief intake to best place you according to your speciality.