Service Overview

In addition to customized part-time programs, CATPB is proud to offer full-time music therapy programs staffed by multiple therapists.  Below you will see many of the benefits of contracting with a private practice vs. building an in-house program:

40 Clinical Hours Per Week

CATPB will provide you with 40 clinical hours of music therapy each week, and we’re talking direct patient time and documentation only.  Planning sessions for music therapy programs happen outside of the 40 hours, so you’re getting maximum value from us – no down time.

Significant Cost Savings

At no additional cost, the following are included in CATPB’s program, but do not take away from the 40 clinical hours; travel time and mileage to and from the site, session planning, music preparation, communication with appropriate team members, instruments and materials, scheduling, training, and maintenance of music therapy credentials.  CATPB absorbing these overhead costs alone represents a significant savings to your organization.

Easy Distribution across Regional Center Network

CATPB clinical hours can be distributed between multiple sites in whatever grouping of hours best fit the needs of the programs and patients.  Because CATPB has multiple staff across South Florida, we’re able to more efficiently serve a set of regional centers with minimal travel time.

Multiple Therapists Supporting Your Program

As we will have multiple music therapists working to complete the 40 hours per week, and not just one individual, you do not have to deal with sick days, personal days, vacation, or other situations that would require an in-house employee to take time off.

More Value Per Dollar

All in all, while you may see that CATPB’s hourly rates appear slightly higher than you might expect to pay an in-house staff member, that gap is offset by the above stated value provided to your organization, as well as the decreased overhead costs of not having to pay health benefits, etc.  The bottom line is that CATPB provides more music therapy per dollar when compared to in-house staff, and represents a significant cost savings over building a large in-house program.